You gotta love Scott Glenn. Star of iconic films like Backdraft, Silverado and Hunt for Red October, the inclusion of Scott Glenn in the world of Daredevil helped elevate the show to the artistic degree it currently has. And I mentioned this before many times here, my one favorite episode from all these Netflix shows is the Daredevil Season 1 episode titled Stick, the one where they debuted Scott Glenn in the MCU. Scott as Stick brings so much presence, bravado and gravitas to any scene he’s in and the fact he’s in the upcoming The Defenders just makes me excited all the more. In an interview with AOL Build about his role in The Leftovers and The Defenders, Scott was quizzed about whether Stick’s moral code and state-of-mind at the end of Daredevil Season 2 was at a grey area in anticipation for August’s super-vigilante team up.

A weird grey area. It’s like Daredevil and Elektra are my kids and I essentially adopt them both, trained them to fight. The written problem I have with Daredevil is the one line he won’t cross – taking human life. He’ll beat people up horrendously, put them in a hospital, do whatever he has to do but he won’t kill people. All I do is kill people. And working with the Chaste, I’m a blind assassin. I’m a Defender against the worst evil in the world and my only way of dealing with that is killing people. So it is a grey area kind of thing. I don’t think of myself as a bad person. But I don’t think of myself as a particularly good person either. And the way I work with that is that I’m a soldier in combat in a desperate war and that’s the way I have to behave.

Even though he was clearly stumbling through it to avoid revealing anything, there’s still so much great bits to Scott’s quote. In particular, his comments about the events of The Defenders being a desperate war. We last saw Stick at the end of Daredevil seemingly lamenting the death of one of his pupils – or child, as Glenn himself put it – Elektra at the hands of their sworn enemy. And even though their relationship was far from the loving one they had when they first met, you could tell that Stick felt something for her in her death. So it’ll be interesting to see his perspective on this war reshuffle upon seeing that the Hand got what they wanted with the death of Elektra.

The Black Sky has always been Stick’s end game in this war and now that the bringer of shadows is alive and kicking it, their fight is about to get desperate indeed. So it makes sense that Stick’s gray motto of killing things that need to be killed is still in play despite the fact. But hey, maybe he actually has a change of heart in the show. I genuinely think that The Defenders is the end of Stick’s story so it would be fitting for the character to redeem himself in the most beautiful way possible.

Source: AOL Build