Earlier today, Marvel finally released the first real trailer for Jessica Jones. The trailer gave us glimpses at basically the entire announced cast. Since we knew the show would follow the Alias story-line from the comics, we all assumed that drugs, sex, and alcohol would have their place in the series. However, the trailer showed even more of this adult life than I expected.

Since the trailer is now out and the show coming out 4 weeks from today, we’ve decided to grab some screenshots from the trailer and speculate as to what they could mean.

Obviously, Krysten Ritter shines as the focal point of the trailer as Jessica Jones but Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and David Tennant (Kilgrave) get their moments. I also think Rachel Taylor should be a fan favorite as Trish Walker, even though I doubt we see her transformation into Hellcat this season.

It’s hard to piece together a possible chronological order of the events shown, but I doubt we have seen much of anything past episode 4 or 5. If I had to take some guesses, I’d think we start out with Jessica going about her everyday life, getting a call to investigate Erin Moriarty‘s Hope character, finding out about the return of Kilgrave, and then all hell will break loose.

Jessica Jones will debut exclusively on Netflix on November 20th at 12:01 PST.