Last April, it was announced by Comic-Con that their annual event in San Diego would not be pushing through amidst COVID concerns, a first in its 50-year run. This was a bummer, albeit an understandable one, for us fans who wanted nothing more than to hear some good news in this period of uncertainty and fear. Well, it looks like SDCC will still push through this year but with a twist.

It’s hard to say what news exactly comes out of this stream, particularly MCU news. Production has halted for a lot of upcoming MCU films and shows. Release dates have been moved by several months and even the premiere dates of the Disney+ shows seem very uncertain. It’ll be hard to hype Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a show that hasn’t finished production when it’s looking more unlikely that it hits the August premiere date. At most, they can probably put out an Eternals trailer to get people talking and maybe announce the new Disney+ premiere dates. Regardless, for someone like me who hasn’t attended one of these events, it’s cool to be finally able to “attend” this event with everyone even if it’s remotely.

Source: Twitter