We are still waiting in anticipation for the great Marvel Studios reveal at San Diego Comic-Con. There is a lot of build-up to the panel with signings and even some small interviews throughout the convention. MTV News got an exclusive interview with two major players in the MCU, Sebastian Stan, and the future Captain America Anthony Mackie. After a short comment by the interviewer, Mackie dropped a massive bombshell. He has already tried out his future Captain America suit in a secret fitting at his house. This is quite the reveal before the official announcement for the post-Phase 3 line up by the actor.

While his wish for spandex will not come true, they did joke around about where his wings will be fitted into the suit. This could be a tease that they only tested the first version of the new costume to get a feeling of how it would fit the actor. Also, this interview just confirms hat Stan and Mackie have such great chemistry which will hopefully also be highlighted in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If he already tried on the costume, it does open up the question if he may appear in his costume during the panel and if the Disney+ show may be renamed. There is also the chance that they are testing out the costumes for the upcoming show’s production but he will still be the Falcon once it starts. We may get the Captain America costume as Sam Wilson accepts his new role once the show ends. It is just exciting to think that there is already a costume ready for him to take over the role for his own potential solo film.

Are you excited to see Anthony Mackie as the next Captain America? Do you think he might get his own film alongside Thor 4?

Source: MTV News Twitter