Marvel Studios kept the posters coming fast and frequent at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and one of the last ones to hit the convention floor was for next summer’s Ant-Man and the Wasp.  This one comes from artist Andy Park, who is becoming something of a household name in the MCU world for his various concept and promotional art.  Take a look at all the shrinking and growing action!

First of all, behold the Wasp!  The design of her costume has been shown a few other places, but it’s good to see her in action.  Park does an incredible job showing how the shrink, grow, shrink action looks in a still image.

Cast wise, none of this weekend’s casting reveals made it to the poster, probably because Park painted it before the castings or they didn’t know when the poster would release compared to the Hall H presentation.  Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas are predictably present, as well as breakout fan favorite from the first installment, Michael Pena.  It is interesting to see Scott Lang’s daughter also make the poster.  (She was played by Abby Ryder Fortson last time but her appearance in the sequel hasn’t been confirmed.)   Comic readers will know that Cassie Lang later becomes the hero Stature.  Could Marvel be starting the wheels for a young Stature to come into Phase 4 alongside a teenaged Spidey?

The other startling feature is the presence of tanks, soldiers, and helicopters.  One of the more remarkable parts of Ant-Man was the scale of the film.  Directory Peyton Reed kept the film as a heist movie, largely revolving around Pym Tech HQ and Cassie’s bedroom.  It felt more intimate than many MCU films with universe threatening challenges.  The presence of military forces suggests that the scale is moving up a bit in this film.  It also confirms that Ant-Man will spend some time as Giant Man too.  With Goliath joining the film, could we see a Kaiju style fight?  One can only hope!

Do you want to see Ant-Man and the Wasp going small or going big in the new film?  Would you like to see Stature join the MCU?  If you’d like to hear more about SDCC, straight from the convention floor, check out this week’s podcast!

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