On Friday, Marvel’s heroes on Netflix took center stage at San Diego Comic-Con, for Marvel Television’s first appearance in Hall H. This setting is usually reserved for blockbuster movies and top-tier television, and The Defenders definitely lived up to the standards fans expect when they camp out, sometimes for days, for the privilege of attending.

After the panel, Krysten Ritter and Charlie Cox spoke with Variety about the different egos of characters on set. Rather than being competitive for the spotlight, it seems that they had quite a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of each other. Their characters are slightly less excited about the team-up, especially Matt Murdock, who will learn how to play with others and the importance of relying on friends. Jones has a similar issue, but with the bonus of alcoholism, and these two loners will have some interesting time butting heads throughout the show.

Mike Coulter also approached the issue of how crowded the show could be. He points out that even viewers of a single show may want to explore these characters more after viewing Defenders and that a lot of work was put in to make sure that no one ends up being overshadowed across the eight episode run.

Sigourney Weaver and Elodie Yung also gave some insight into this year having some powerful woman in comic book films. They praise others in the industry and the current success of Wonder WomanYung points out how much power Weaver adds to the series, especially with her playing the key villain for this crossover.

While the focus was on Defenders, even The Punisher was also getting some love. In an interview Jon Bernthal talks about being very excited about hsi upcoming stand-alone show. He spoke about how he was nervous to portray a character that ties into the military, who actually have worn the famous skull on their body armor during wars, which made the actor want to honor not only the iterations that came before him, but also ensure that fans will be happy with the project.

Finally, showrunner Marco Ramirez and Iron Fist actress Jessica Henwick were asked if a potential crossover with Spider-Man was being planned later down the line. It makes quite a lot of sense given that they all are New York City-based characters, but they could only point out that this decision is way above their pay grade and the only one with a potential answer would be Marvel TV head, Jeph Loeb.

Of course, we will get to see most of these characters when The Defenders premiers on August 18, 2017.