One of the things that’s been noticeably absent from the recent Defenders press rounds are the tidbits related to Elektra. Her resurrection is one of the most anticipated parts of the Defenders so its only fair to wonder what exactly is up with her this time around her second life. Speaking with the rest of the cast and crew at a Facebook live interview with Entertainment Tonight, Elodie Yung had this to say about this iteration of Elektra.

[She’s] Very bloody. Very dark. It’s good to go back to a character you like, love and explore a different aspect of her personality. I had a lot of fun.

We’ve seen shade of Elektra’s darkness multiple times in Daredevil Season 2 but never on a level where she’s uninhibited by whatever was left of her morality. We don’t have the full deets on what her Black Sky status means for her (or what it even means exactly) but we can probably assume that its going to be something violent. In the trailer from a few months ago, it’s evident how much they’re letting Elektra let loose as the Black Sky. Good thing the Marvel/Netflix world has no problem getting bloody. Maybe they’ll find a way to top Fisk’s car decapitation scene.

Source: Facebook