Things are looking very hopeful for Iron Fist this time around. Their panel for Season 2 at San Diego Comic-Con was, by all means, a success as they dropped several exciting nuggets about the show including its premiere date and a confirmation of who the villain will be. One of the biggest surprises was the confirmation that the show would be featuring one of the most iconic aspects of the character, the yellow mask. And while no footage offering a look at the mask was aired publicly, a photo of it has leaked onto the interwebz, giving us the maks we’ve all been dying to see in live-action for years. Check it out!

Okay, so that’s Davos under the mask and not Danny. According to those who were present at the panel, that photo is from a fight sequence set in K’un L’un where Danny and Davos, both in ceremonial Iron Fist yellow masks, face off in ceremonial combat to see which warrior is worthy to face Shou-Lao. Both are tethered by a 10-foot long cloth. They duke it out as Lei-Kung and some other monks observe. There’s been a lot of talk from the panel hinting at a potential Shou-Lao, the Undying appearance in the show and I reckon that it stems from this fight. We all know who ends up winning in the ceremonial fight anyway. With all that said, seeing this leaked image definitely made me feel giddy with excitement. I can’t wait to see this fight play out onscreen.

Source: Reddit