The new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, which debuted Saturday night to rave reviews, gave us a longer look at a character fans have been anticipating in the Thor series for years: Skurge the Executioner. Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) is playing the hardened warrior and was able to give some insight into what we might expect when the films drops in November.

When we find Skurge he’s operating the Bifrost cause Heimdall is missing in action,” explained Urban, indicating that for whatever reason, the eternally diligent guardian of the Bifrost, who we’ve seen in action in the trailer is no longer defending his post.

It doesn’t seem that Skurge is in the role too long before chaos comes to Asgard as Urban says, “then pretty soon after that Hela shows up. Skurge sees the writing on the wall and has to make a decision whether to die or join her so his instincts of self-preservation take over.” Choosing to side with Hela, Skurge seems to be derelict in his duties. While fans of the comics know he’s been a thorn in the side of Thor, he’s not always been 100% a dick. When asked if we’d see him come back around before the end of the film, Urban only said we’d “have to wait” for the full reveal on that but “that is the dilemma.”

Given that comment from Urban and the brief look at Skurge in the first trailer, many fans have to be thinking that Skurge will have a change of heart and that Taika Waititi, who seems to have a great talent for recreating some classic Thor scenes, will recreate the great panels from Skurge’s Last Stand at Gjallerbru where the Executioner gave his life to save Asgard.

Of course comic readers may also wonder whether or not we’ll see Skurge’s famous enchanted axe, known as the Bloodaxe. Urban assures us that it’ll be there saying,”Oh yeah, the battle axe is in there,” and offering that the film, and some of the connections between weapons and their properties are “quite zany, eclectic and fun” and to expect some things to come out of left field.” While the trailer didn’t provide much of a look, we do have a glimpse of what the Bloodaxe, which in the comics can cleave the space between dimensions to allow for inter-dimensional travel, might look like thanks to this standee from

Skurge looks fantastic and Urban is a great choice for the role that many of us have been waiting to see for several years. Here’s hoping that even if he dies defending Asgard, that he gets a chance to ride with the Einherjar when the army of Valhalla comes to the battle!



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