Tonight at Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con panel we got a ton of big news surrounding upcoming MCU films, including some big casting news for next year’s Ant-Man and the WaspAlong with the reveal that Michelle Pfeiffer will play the role of Janet Van Dyne, Marvel revealed that Laurence Fishburne would be joining the cast.

Fishburne will portray the character Dr. Bill Foster, a scientist who, in the comics, worked alongside Hank Pym and later becoming a size-changing hero himself as “Goliath.” He later took over the mantle of Giant-Man for a brief time. His character is likely best-known from his brief time in the Civil War run where he was one of the first casualties.

It’s unclear how extensive Fishburne’s role in the film will be, or if we’ll see him take up the mantle of Goliath, but it’s exciting to see such a talented actor joining the cast.

Hollywood Reporter