Preview night SDCC is currently underway and some new art for the upcoming films have been sighted on the convention floor. Spotted was a cool promotional flyer for next year’s Black Panther that features magnificently painted concept art of T’Challa, his posse of warriors Okoye and Nakia and Michael B. Jordan‘s Erik Killmonger wearing that mask we saw in last month’s trailer. The art reveals a brand new interesting detail in T’Challa’s updated suit that fans will recognize from the current iteration of Black Panther in the comics: the thing freaking glows! In the comics, the costume’s suit would glow every time T’Challa would tap into the mystical power of Vibranium. The fact that it’s being featured in the film means that T’Challa’s suit will have an upgraded tech and mystical edge to it. Now if only they can get the mask/helmet retract into itself like Iron Man’s mask.

Also spotted was a somewhat of a new take on Thor: Ragnarok concept art we’ve previously seen. Revealed several months ago in the Phase 3 sneak peak from the Doctor Strange Blu-Ray, the new concept seems to be an updated version of Thor and Loki’s encounter with Hela in an alley in New York. Instead of the concrete backdrop, it’s a blast of energy super similar to the opening of the trailer where Thor’s hammer gets destroyed.

These images comes courtesy of our very own Rhannon Kincaid, who is currently on the con floor looking for Charlie Cox. So if you see her, make sure to say hi! Follow her on Twitter for more SDCC updates too!

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Source: Reddit