It seemed that ABC and IMAX were holding off when they sent out the first trailer for Inhumans, coming this fall.  At the time some elements were obviously missing, including Medusa’s hair or a good look at Triton.  Many assumed that the main reason for those oversights was waiting for fuller VFX work to be done.  Those requests for more scenes has finally been granted.  Behold the second trailer for Inhumans.  

There is so much to process there.  Many of the effects looked much better, including Medusa’s hair.  It isn’t perfect, but it gives fans what they were looking for.  Gorgon and Karnak continue to look right.  Triton is a bit underwhelming, but that’s a TV budget for you.  More than anything, this trailer had a little bit of style and attitude.  There was some confidence to it, with the soundtrack helping out a lot.  Skeptical fans won’t be won over likely, but some glimmers of hope are starting to crack through.  Spending more time in Attilan was helpful.  Finally, this reveals something that some sources have been hypothesizing, that Maximus is in deed “only human.”

What did you think of the trailer?  Are you more excited now?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.