For the first time MCU Exchange has a correspondent on the ground in San Diego for the annual Comic Con. Our very own Brooklyn Wallace is there and attended preview night last night where she not only had a blast but caught a glimpse of some things of great interest among the dozens of collectibles being displayed by Hot Toys. Before you carry on, be aware that the  representative on site confirmed that the collectibles to include spoilers.

A recently released wave of Funko Pops showed Thor carrying around what seemed to be the head of Surtur, the fire demon who rules the realm of Muspelheim. We know from the trailer that Thor end up in chains in Muspelheim and now, thanks together to putting together some puzzle pieces as a team, we have a more complete picture of what goes down when Thor faces off with Surtur in Thor: Ragnaork.

The pictures from the Sideshow display clearly show Thor, with Mjolnir and his long, flowing locks, carrying the head of Surtur strapped to his back with a chain. It’s interesting to note that this particular collectible is called “Roadworn Thor”, a title that makes us wonder just what Thor has been up to since we last saw him in Avengers: Age of Ultron (unfortunately, his time with his roomie Darryl probably isn’t canon).

Interestingly enough, this isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen this, it’s just that we didn’t really know what we were seeing at the time. When Marvel Studios released their Phase 3 preview with the home release of Doctor Strange, it seems we got much more of a spoiler than we knew. As seen in the photos below, not only did we catch a glimpse of Thor’s battle with Surtur, but we also saw head of the Father of All Cataclysms firmly strapped to the back of the Odinson!

Given what we now know about the order of events, we can glean that battle between Thor and Surtur may well be one of the very FIRST scenes of the film, making us wonder just how Thor ended up in chains in Muspelheim. The prevailing theory seemed to have been that Hela sent him there after encountering him on Earth, but given the fact that he still has Mjolnir, that no longer seems to be the case. We certainly aren’t the first ones to catch on to that timeline, but when you see all the evidence put together this way, it certainly shines a bright light on things.

Source: Twitter