The Inhumans panel yesterday at SDCC gave us a bunch of information about the show that excited the hell out of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. But one of the tidbits that went under the radar was the confirmation that Jessica Jones composer Sean Callery was going to be making his move to Attilan to compose the score for this September’s Inhumans.

As a musician myself, I’m very nitpicky with Marvel music particularly with the Netflix shows. I’ve loved everything so far as each show distinctly has its own sound. Jon Paesano‘s music for Daredevil bleak, orchestral and pounding. Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammed‘s lo-fi soulful take on Luke Cage‘s score elevated the show apart from its Netflix counterparts. Even Trevor Morris‘ industrial techno music for Iron Fist was the bomb for me (one of the few things I unapologetically love about the show). But by far the most distinct has to be Callery’s noirish jazzy approach to the detective show that is Jessica Jones. So much of his material in that soundtrack is what gives Jessica Jones its unique atmosphere and flavor. I’m glad they’re using Callery for Inhumans, a show that couldn’t be more different from Jessica Jones. I’m stoked to hear what he’s got!

Sean Callery is not the first person to crossover from a vastly different MCU project. Earlier this year, it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy composer Tyler Bates would make his switch to ]Marvel TV composing the music for November’s Punisher show.](

Source: Twitter