The SDCC Thor: Ragnarok trailer was full of great visuals: Fenrir, Surtur, Korg…all of it was absolutely fantastic. However, if you weren’t really tuned in, you could have missed what is one of the coolest Easter Eggs we’ve seen so far! In the trailer’s opening shot, the camera focuses on the large tower right next to the gladiator arena, showing what we believe to partial busts of previous Champions!

UPDATE: We have heard from several readers that they believe the face at the bottom of the tower could be that of Fin Fang Foom and we have to say we like that idea as much as any other!

Nobody has confirmed this and we are certainly not the first to notice, but the towers seems pay homage to 4 or 5 prior Champions. Going clockwise from the top we see Man-Thing, Ares(?), Bi-Beast, another potential face at 6 o’clock and Beta Ray Bill at 9 o’clock!

In no way does this mean that we absolutely will see these characters during Ragnarok or in the future; however, it does indicate that these characters are out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making their inclusion in future movies a possibility which is what keeps the MCU so great! We have no idea what happens to those who have previously competed and won the Contest of Champions, but the thought of Bill or Ares being out there relaxing somewhere does present some pretty incredible possibilities for the future. Perhaps one of them could be called upon somewhere down the line…

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What do you guys think about the inclusion of these Champions? Can you make out another face at 6 o’clock, or are we just hoping it’s someone else? Let us know your ideas below.