Updated (7/13): The full video for the panel has now been released. Check it out below.

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The Marvel Television panel just took place at SDCC, which means we have some new information regarding the ABC television shows. First up was Agent Carter, and stars Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy were on hand for the panel. While we didn’t receive any new casting information, or any updates regarding deals currently in progress for the season one cast members yet to sign on for season two, we did learn when season two is set and what brings Peggy to Los Angeles.

Season two of Agent Carter will pick-up six months after season one in 1947, when Peggy is called to Los Angeles to investigate a murder in a San Diego heating company. What’s most interesting about this is that Jarvis will already be in Los Angeles prior to Peggy’s arrival. We knew that the showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters said they’d found an organic way to bring his character back for this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how he ends up there.

While they did not confirm the new characters they’ve been teasing, or announce any new castings, they did tease introducing Jarvis’ wife in season two. Fans of season one will recall that we never actually got to meet his wife. We heard her voice multiple times, but they’d decided early on not to cast an actress for the role for the first season. As of right now, the role hasn’t been cast per Entertainment Weekly, but an announcement should come soon.

For those curious as to Peggy’s romantic life going into this season, the topic was briefly brought up at today’s panel, and it looks as though she’ll have some new options. At the end of season one, we saw Peggy let go of Steve when she poured out his blood on the Brooklyn Bridge. Going into season two, Fazekas says that with Peggy putting Steve’s memory to rest, she’ll have a “couple of options” for possible relationships going into this season.

Fazekas also revealed what brings both Jarvis and Peggy to Los Angeles. Jarvis is already in Los Angeles, helping Howard set up his new estate in Beverly Hills, doing some contract work for the government, and getting Stark’s new movie studio up and running – an enterprise Stark has decided to embark on just for a lark. Peggy meanwhile is still working for the SSR (presumably the New York branch as before), but will be called to Los Angeles to help investigate a murder, loosely inspired by the real life 1947 Black Dahlia murder.

It has also been confirmed that season two is, in fact, ten episodes as we initially reported back in May. Executive producer Jeph Loeb confirmed this during today’s panel. If we’re following the same schedule as last year, it’s possible we’ll have another two-hour season premiere as well as a two-hour season finale.

The showrunners also provided some additional details over the weekend outside of the panel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Butters confirmed that both Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) and Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), and that Thompson is now running the New York branch of the SSR following the events of season one (if you’ll recall, the final scenes showed Thompson receiving all the credit for stopping Johann Fenhoff’s plot). There were no details on Sousa’s role, though Butters did tease at the panel that relationships between the characters have changed in the intervening six months between seasons one and two, and that some characters may no longer be on speaking terms with one another. There was notably no mention of whether either Dottie Underwood (Bridget Reagan) or Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca) would be returning for the second season, though an earlier report from EW suggested that both are indeed scheduled to return that the actors contracts are just being finalized.

The biggest reveal, however, came after the panel as part of a press junket. There Michelle Fzekas dropped this huge bombshell about the villains of season two:

The antagonists, I would say, exist in the Marvel comics, a version of them. And there’s even a group called the Secret Empire. And I can also tell you, and this is somewhat of a spoiler, there’s a thing called Darkforce, that comes from the comic book universe, which also created Blackout on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it comes out of the Doctor Strange universe as well. That’s going to show up, causing problems for people. (Source)

The Secret Empire, originally a spin-off organization of HYDRA, are a long standing criminal threat in the Marvel comics. Their inclusion may point to the an adaption of their most famous storyline, where they infiltrated the American government and attempted to discredit Captain America. As for the Darkforce, Devin Faraci at Birth.Death.Movies. speculated that it may serve as a link to a Cloak and Dagger TV series, long rumored to be in production, and that the Shroud, another character who uses the Darkforce, could appear as a villain in season two.

Finally, the official Agent Carter twitter made the somewhat strange tweet that some of the Agent Carter panelists were busy filming Captain America: Civil War, though only Dominic Cooper seems like a plausible option, if they are included a flashback with (the younger) Howard Stark. But they also tweeted a picture of Hayley Atwell placing Agent Carter’s iconic red hat on Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, which was definitely a highlight of the panel. Here are some of the other newsworthy tweets from those that were able to attend the panel:

Agent Carter season two is set to air this winter.

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