During an appearance at something called Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, Point of Geeks was fortunate enough to talk with actor Sean Gunn, who portrayed Kraglin, the right-hand man of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn, the brother of director James Gunn, played a small but hilarious role in the film as a key member of the Ravagers. With Yondu set to join the Guardians in the sequel, Kraglin’s role with the group of space pirates is a little unclear.

In addition to Gunn and the rest of the Ravagers taking the SDCC Hall H stage in full gear, the audience was shown a clip from the film featuring the group. Point of Geeks tried to peel back the curtain of what to expect from Kraglin and crew in the sequel, to which Gunn replied:

Between one and two it’s only about two months after the first movie, when the second movie comes out. Basically, Kraglin is still sort of smarting a little bit, from the fact that Quill sort of betrayed us at the end of the movie. Didn’t give us that money. And Yondu, rather than wanting to go right after him and kill him, has kind of seemed to let it go. And I don’t think that really sits right with Kraglin. And what happens from there is explored a little bit [in Vol. 2].

With Chris Sullivan‘s Taserface taking a leadership position in the Ravagers in the sequel (according to Sullivan himself), it’s not hard to imagine that perhaps Yondu’s association with the Guardians isn’t entirely altruistic. Sullivan described Taserface as both a “very powerful guy” and “a real dumbass”, so it will be interesting to see just how he and Kraglin come together and navigate the Ravagers.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released May 5th, 2017 and, according to James Gunn, we can expect our first look at it “before Christmas” which will likely be a teaser attached to the upcoming Doctor Strange.

SOURCE: Point of Geeks.