After nine episodes of not running away and a season finale ending with them finally running away, season 2 of these cult worshiping offspring is finally in production. Last we left them, they were on the run after being framed for the murder of one of the sacrificial victims of their parents’ cult, who are also conspiring to kill their own (possibly alien) cult leader to prevent him from killing them and their children.

With an order of 13 episodes this time around, they certainly have enough to cover.

  • The future of Los Angeles falling apart due to a massive, possibly world ending, earthquake
  • What PRIDE is even trying to unearth
  • Our teens dealing with living on the street and how they’ll stop PRIDE
  • Their parents’ plan to kill their cult leader

I certainly can’t wait for this next season of Runaways to hit Hulu at a yet undetermined date.

How about you guys?

Source: CBR