Ever since Marvel started marketing Captain America: Civil War, people, such as myself, have been scouring through the footage trying to piece everything together. In my personal journey dissecting the trailers, Bucky has been a common thread for me in placing when things happen. It may seem unimportant but his clothing could very well be a key at showing in what point in the movie these events are happening.

During his epic chase scene with Black Panther, Bucky can be seen wearing a backpack. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Who cares about Bucky’s backpack? Just give me more Spider-Man!” However, Bucky’s backpack actually contains some vital information for him personally. All of his memories.

When coleisadreamer, a fan on Instagram, commented on one of Sebastian Stan‘s pictures and asked him what is inside, the actor surprisingly answered. Due to the multiple brainwashings that he has undergone, Bucky can’t exactly remember everything he has done. But in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we can see that he starts getting bits and pieces back. This is why he carries around the backpack.

In his backpack there are a dozen notebooks that compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember which somewhat piece together a scattered life. In a similar way to Alzheimer’s, he’s written things down, for fear of losing his memory again. He was prepared, were something to happen, to walk away with nothing but that backpack, which is why it’s the only thing he takes and knowing full well that not everything those pages contain is pretty.

Bucky is being portrayed as a villain in most of the footage, but for me, this makes him more of a victim. Obviously he was not assassinating people because he wanted to, but this explanation for getting his memories back and seeing how much he cherishes them is a real sympathic move by the Russos.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: Cinema Blend