Within the glorious halls of Marvel Studios is a dungeon where the names of betrayers and gossipmongers are etched and it seems that Sebastian Stan may have just made himself a spot in that while simultaneously confirming one of our scoops! You may remember back in July we were the first ones to tell you that Steve Rogers would be Captain America no more in Avengers: Infinity War and unless Stan was joking, he just gave us a little help when he signed this Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster for a young fan.

The poster gives credence to our scoop that Chris Evans’ Rogers character arc has taken him far away from the man he was coming out of the ice. We’ve been told that becoming Nomad is more than the beard and missing star on the uniform; in fact, we’ve been told to expect a bit of a costume change as well.  We know that Rogers won’t be the only Avenger taking on a new identity over the course of the next two films and the set photos of Jeremy Renner’s new gear give us even more reason to trust our source. These are interesting changes for sure and the outward appearance of both these men certainly reflects something internal as well; however, if you’re excited about the new gear of these guys, just wait until you see what else Avengers: Infinity War has in store. These two are just the tip of the iceberg!

Source: Instagram