As positive reviews continue to pour in, Netflix is ratcheting up the promotional machine for Luke Cage up to eleven. Today Netflix released another trailer for the show with a considerable increase in information surrounding many characters, particularly the villains. Check out the trailer embedded above.

Simone Cook’s Misty Knight shines early in the trailer as a clever police officer. While Luke is trying to keep a low profile she figures out pretty quickly that he has special capabilities. The relationship between the police and Cage is still a mystery. Will they enjoy the help, or will they not want a vigilante working the same streets?

Both Mahershala Ali‘s Cottonmouth and Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Stokes have significant time in the trailer as well. Cottonmouth continues to shape up as another masterstroke villain for the Netflix corner of the MCU. His brutality is obvious in the trailers. The scenes with him and Mariah suggest that there will be some back and forth between the two. Where is there more power, in his guns and goons or in her political sway? At times she appears legitimately frightened by her relative, and at other times she appears to be calling the shots. Also, both have moments of despair when Luke starts to really bite into their enterprises.

One question for the series will be where the drama comes from. Luke is largely indestructible, so viewers won’t seriously consider him in danger, will they? Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple even asks what Luke could possibly be afraid of. The editing suggests that the Stokes will go after Temple as their way to hurt Cage. This is reminiscent of the way Kilgrave in Jessica Jones uses the safety of others as his main leverage point with Jones.

The trailer reveals a couple other interesting tidbits. One is the level of carnage involved in the fight scenes. To this point, the action has been mostly fist fights, but in this trailer, we get rocket launchers and flipped cars. Also, the creative team has promised guest appearances from famous musicians and the trailer delivers with a cameo by Method Man at the end.

What did you notice in the trailer? What character are you most excited about? Will you be binging the whole season on Friday? Share in the comments below.

Luke Cage premieres Friday morning at 12:01AM pacific time.

Source: YouTube