After countless rumors through the months, Disney has finally announced Marvel Studios’ next big venture in their streaming service Disney+, Secret Invasion, Armor Wars, and Ironheart. These newly announced shows make up the 10 shows Marvel Studios is releasing on the service. Check out their logos below!

These are all fantastic additions. We’ve been hearing rumblings of a Secret Invasion series for quite some time now so while the news is exciting as hell, it’s also not that surprising. The Ironheart one is interesting since reports of a script being commissioned out of nowhere surfaced as early as 2 years ago. Pretty exciting to finally see that get some real traction. Armors Wars might be the biggest surprise so far. Even though it’s been jokingly tossed around that a lot of the popular MCU side characters would get shows of their own, to see James Rhodes actually get one and have it based on one of the most iconic Iron Man stories yet is so cool. Armor Wars is likely going to tie-in with Ironheart.

This is just the cusp of what transpired in today’s Disney Investor meeting so stay tuned for more!