The MCU is no stranger in throwing fans off with unexpected surprises and its latest outing, Captain Marvel, is no exception. One of the big ‘twists’ in the film was the reveal that the vicious monstrosities that were the chasing after Carol Danvers weren’t so vicious after all. They were, in fact, softies just trying to look for a peaceful planet to live in. Many were thrown aback seeing such ruthless Marvel villains reimagined as empathetic characters and wondered whether this was it for the Skrulls. According to Kevin Feige, not exactly.

I think like the Kree and like humanity, there are good Skrulls and there are bad Skrulls. But one of the things we wanted to do in this movie is, you know, don’t judge a book by its cover and tap into people’s preconceived notions of the pointy-eared green aliens being evil and subverting that. But I do think to continue fleshing them out and making them these three dimensional actual beings, the Skrulls, you would encounter good ones and bad ones.

It isn’t hard to imagine that Talos’ group of Skrulls aren’t the only homeless Skrulls out in the galaxy. Where there are Skrulls that simply want to live peaceful lives, there are those that choose to live violently and maliciously. I could totally see a group of Skrull generals being pissed at Talos’ vulnerability and I cannot wait for them to appear on screen when the Invasion inevitably happens.

Source: Entertainment Tonight