One of the great things to come out of the set visit interviews was the personality of Serinda Swan. The actress, who seems to have really dug deep into her role as Medusa, the Inhuman Queen. Given the weight of her role in the comics and the amount of trust she has always had to place in her husband’s plans, it was good to find out she and Anson Mount put a great deal of effort into fostering their on-screen relationship.

**The great thing about Medusa is that she’s taking on two roles, not molded into one. That’s what makes her such an interesting character. As far as their relationship goes, it’s really important for Anson and me to build that from the ground up. So when he was learning the sign language and all of that, I was there. And I was ‘Okay, I need to know the words you say and the timing,’ so it’s not just somebody making hand movements and me speaking. So there’s a connection between the two actors as there is with the characters.**

Given the bond required between the two characters would be a special one, Serinda approached the creative process of bonding with Mount through a what-if scenario.

In that development, it’s a very small part of what would have happened with Black Bolt and Medusa when they were younger. That’s how they created this language. She went into the chamber and created the language with him. So that was a small mimicking of how we apply that in real life and what would it have taken for the two of them to build a language with no words with mass consequence if it goes wrong. For Anson and I, it’s been important to show that love that would have been created in this intense intimate situation.

Understanding the rigor with which the two undertook their role as the heads of state makes one feel a bit better about a show featuring a mute lead character. While Medusa won’t be speaking for Black Bolt, it’s clear she’ll be the first one to know what he is thinking. As important as that bond between the two is, at the end of the day, Swan seemed to understand the most important thing about Medusa: she is her own hero.

And she definitely stands out. In Attilan and the public, she’s very much the queen. She presents herself and the King. There’s that fine line where in public, she has to make sure she represents him so that he doesn’t look less powerful. But she does a very good job of standing on her own. And that’s part of the reason why I wanted to play her. She wasn’t just a minion, she was Medusa.

Fans of the comics will know that while Medusa has stood by Black Bolt’s side for many adventures, she’s also taken the lead in just as many of her own, including ruling Attilan during one it’s most traumatic times. While we can’t share with you just how the series will play out, it is safe to say that you’ll see Swan display a little bit savvy and a little bit of power over Season 1. Just what future seasons might hold is yet to be determined.

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