The first look at Marvel Studios’ Eternals has finally arrived! Thanks to a report from, we have our first look at Angelina Jolie shooting in the UK for her introduction into the MCU as Thena.

The setting looks quite ethereal in nature, as we see Jolie with a flowing blonde wig and dress wading into a lake and appearing to scatter ashes into the water. This brings up so many more questions that we get to speculate about for months on end! Where is Thena? Whose ashes is she spreading? Will this scene even be in the final cut of the movie? No matter the answers to these questions, it just nice to even get a few breadcrumbs of news to munch on during this notoriously slow season for the MCU and its fans. Eternals has been teased and anticipated for years, and had a huge turn-out this summer with the reveal of its release date and the all-star cast.

The film is scheduled for a release on November 6, 2020, and all we can hope for is for more leaks like this before the official pictures and trailers are inevitably delivered to the fans in the coming months!

Source: Splashnews via DailyMail and Twitter