While we’ve been getting a lot of news recently on Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus projects, news has been notably quiet for their big screen productions – until now!

The first set photos from Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which has been filming in Australia for a few weeks now, have finally hit the net – and whilst they’re not particularly revealing, they’re interesting nonetheless. The photos show what look to be a group of very cool-looking soldiers of some kind – perhaps working for the Mandarin? Given the looks of their suits, it’s unlikely any of them are Simu Liu‘s titular hero – unless of course he’s in disguise. Check them out below:

From the two sets of photos, it seems like one of these soldiers is either arriving or leaving, though anything beyond that is just speculation. Given how little we know about Shang-Chi at this stage – the Mandarin will feature, played by Tony Leung, and rumors point to the film featuring some sort of tournament, but that’s pretty much it – it’s difficult to work out what this sequence will entail; much less how this sequence could fit into the film as a whole. Still, it’s exciting to finally see something of the film, and with any luck we should begin to see more photos as filming continues.

Source: Twitter