If you were extremely disappointed by Iron Fists’ unrewarding teases of a mythical dragon from the martial arts corner of the MCU then you might be in luck. While we did receive rumors and scoops months about the inclusion of a dragon in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, today we’re getting what looks to be confirmation on those reports.

What appears to be a leaked Lego set has surfaced online depicting a battle scene from the film that involves Shang Chi, Xialing, Wenwu, Death Dealer, a small animal-like creature called Morris, and a giant dragon. The Lego set also gives us a new look at Shang Chi’s suit. The suit itself features his traditional color scheme of black and red with some modern MCU flair. The set also depicts him using a staff as a weapon during this fight which is an exciting idea because, yeah, why not throw some weapons in there for more fun.

Mind you, Lego sets aren’t always the most accurate. Lego usually takes creative liberties with what action sets they put out so this dragon may very well be absent from the film. However, given the stuff we’ve heard about the film, it certainly makes sense to include it.