Shit’s getting crazy out there. Just a day after the first Shang-Chi set photos surface, we’re now getting word that production will temporarily suspend production as director Destin Daniel Cretton awaits his own test results for the NCOVID-19 virus under the recommendation of a doctor. Shang-Chi is busy filming in Australia, a country that has 156 confirmed cases, one of which being America’s dad Tom Hanks, as of this writing.

THR is reporting that only the first unit of production (which is primarily overseen by the director) will be suspended and that second/third units (which is overseen by assistant directors) and all other divisions of production will still continue. So, it’ll be business as usual for the rest of the production Check this site .

This outbreak we’re experiencing is unlike any other. High-profile events and projects are being canceled left and right. Just today, Disney announced it was pulling back the release of their first tentpole of the year, Mulan, along with the 1000000th push of the release date of New Mutants. Black Widow as far as we know, is still on track for its May date but with things changing by the minute, it certainly won’t be a surprise to see them move that as well.

Source: THR