The Shang-Chi marketing campaign seems to be in full swing as Marvel decided to release a new trailer tonight, a mere 2 months after the first trailer. The trailer gives a lot more Wenwu and his mythical relics known as the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi and his relationship with his parents, and a peek at the greatest cage fight the world has ever seen. Check it out!

So holy shit. Wong vs. Abomination. It kinda baffles me that Marvel would put that there when it’s now clearly the bigger talking point than the rest of the trailer. Granted, it gets everyone like myself more hyped for the film as I’m left wondering who else could show up. Is Blonsky just a mere cameo? Are we going to see Tim Roth in Abomination form, complete with his reptilian frills, in She-Hulk?! More MCU cage fights, please!

But yeah, the rest of the trailer is cool too.