When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while some of the characters are pretty out there (i.e. Groot, Rocket, Ant-Man, Ego the Living Planet, etc.), Marvel has thus far done a pretty great job at making them work within their cinematic universe. Yet, there’s one fan-favorite character that’d easily sit near the top of the ‘oddball characters’ list that has yet to make their way on screen: Squirrel Girl.

On one hand, it isn’t entirely surprising that Squirrel Girl has yet to join the MCU, after all, a girl that can communicate with squirrels could be a hard sell. (Then again, weren’t Groot and Rocket at one point?) But on the other hand? Doreen Green is such a fun character that it’s hard to imagine if Kevin Feige and company are willing to bring in Ego the Living Planet with the Guardians sequel, they haven’t at least considered bringing Green into the fold at some point. Especially with actresses such as Anna Kendrick, and now Shannon Purser, from Netflix’s massive hit Stranger Things, eager to tackle the role.

Purser, who has stated she’s a big Marvel fan, took to Twitter last week to proclaim her interest in bringing the character to life on screen. Of course, as of right now, we’ve yet to hear any possibilities regarding the character’s involvement within the MCU. Still, when it comes to finding an actress perfect for the role? Purser is pretty much just that.

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