Marvel Studios is bringing She-Hulk’s signature trait to the MCU. The Direct is reporting that the upcoming 10-episode streaming series will feature several instances of the titular character breaking the fourth wall, something the character did way before Deadpool. Kevin Feige said that the series will be inspired by the John Byrne’s run on She-Hulk. Disney and Marvel have yet to confirm this rumored plot convention. The site also states She-Hulk will interact with real-world people, paving the way for celebrity cameos throughout the series.

It is unknown what type of fourth-wall-breaking She-Hulk will actually do in the series but a safe guess is that it’s in the vein of Malcolm in the Middle or Deadpool. While the fourth-wall-breaking is new, Marvel has played with mockumentary style comedy commonly seen on The Office with some of their past promotional shorts. In any case, the show seems to be leaning more into the comedic angle than any prior MCU Disney+ property. So far each MCU TV property has had a distinct and unique voice, so far it seems She-Hulk will be no different.

Source: TheDirect