This Friday, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs its 100th episode! The past five seasons have been a long journey with many ups and downs, but as Agent May said last week:


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Well for all you die-hard Agents of Shield fans out there, this week’s episode is sure to deliver! The 100th episode will be titled “The Real Deal“, and is set to give us more than a couple surprises. The synopsis was recently released, confirming that fans will finally learn the truth behind Phil Coulson’s mysterious deal was with the Ghost Rider last season. While we aren’t yet sure of the exact consequences of this deal, we are pretty sure that it is connected to why Coulson is slowly dying. Earlier this season, the future version of Yo-Yo Rodriguez gave us the ominous message that the only way to save earth was to let Coulson die. Would the show be so bold as to use this landmark episode to kill off its beloved leader? The promo for this episode (see below) reveals that it will also feature the return of Hive, Lash, a Vrellnexian, and some sort of inter-dimensional rift. Check out the recap and promo below!


Source: Twitter, Youtube