General Talbot continues to be one of the best returning characters on the show and luckily the writers keep giving him great material.  The opening shot of Talbot and Coulson flying to the alien ship really sets the tone for this episode.  In the beginning, Talbot seems handle his new powers without any mental side effects.  But unfortunately, he becomes increasingly deranged throughout the episode.  Daisy and May continue to push the limits of what they’re willing to do to save Coulson, despite the protests from the rest of the team.  We also get the first mention of Thanos in this episode when Taryan, The Master of the House of Kasius, confirms he’s the threat coming to Earth.

Unlike Ruby, Talbot is in control of the Gravitonium and seems to have recovered from Hale’s mental manipulation.  We also get a glimpse of the old Talbot with lines like “First we establish dominance then we dictate terms” and “You guys are like a bunch of Democrats, with your rules and your regulations.”  But as the episode unfolds, Talbot becomes increasingly unstable, the first sign being when he tells Qovas to kneel.  He then kills one of The Confederacy to take control.  When Hale and The Confederacy lie about Coulson’s activities they only make his paranoia worse.  While it’s annoying to see Talbot distrust Coulson, because we know he hasn’t been betrayed, it’s understandable considering Coulson has kept many secrets from Talbot in the past.  But it’s not a good sign when he trusts Taryan, an alien he just met, over Phil Coulson.  Adrian Pasdar also does a great job of making this change believable.  Luckily, Talbot seems to want more power to help defend the Earth, not necessarily because he’s evil.  It’s also nice to see Talbot hasn’t lost his goofy attitude.  He’s still a bit of a doofus.  Just a much more powerful doofus.

Back in the Lighthouse, the gang continue to become more divided.  When Daisy returns with her mothers skeleton, she’s confronted by a very upset Yo-Yo.  Of course Daisy is doing everything she can to save Coulson, but in Yo-Yo’s opinion, she continues to break the rules for herself while enforcing them on others.  What follows is a cool, but short-lived, fight between Daisy and Yo-Yo, which is put to a halt by May.  Once they calm down, May gives Yo-Yo an ultimatum: leave or help them save Coulson.  This doesn’t seem to calm Yo-Yo down and I’m sure that May’s threat didn’t change her mind.

The conversation between Fitz and Mack raised some really great issues as well.  Mack continues to fundamentally disagree with the choices Fitz, Simmons and Yo-Yo made.  He believes that the ends never justify the means and that you only solve problems the right way.  Fitz argues that they did what needed to be done in order to  help the most people.  But he still seems disturbed and uncomfortable with that line of thinking.  And Ian De Caestecker does a great job showing how conflicted Fitz is about what happened.  This also provides a great contrast to Mack who has no doubts in his conviction.  Mack is sure that what the team did is wrong even though he wanted the same outcome.  Mack just fundamentally disagrees with how they got there.  This scene is then mirrored during the conversation between Daisy and Simmons when they discuss the extreme measures they’re taking to save Coulson.

We also get a great scene between Daisy and Deke when he approaches her to divulge his feelings.  As Daisy starts telling him about Lincoln, Deke looked absolutely crushed.  Especially when she says she still kinda loves him.  But it was really nice when Deke accepted that she wasn’t ready to get close to anyone.  Even though he clearly still has feelings for her that he needs to worked out.  The gag with the lemons was also a nice touch.  Although I feel like Daisy should have picked up on what it meant and what he really wanted to say.  She is a spy after all.

By the end of the episode, Talbot definitely seems to be becoming a bigger villain.  And because they’ve maintained his drive to defend the Earth, he has the potential to become one of the more compelling villains on the show.  Even though he’s been antagonistic in the past, Talbot’s never gone this far, and it’s unlikely he’ll survive the ensuing conflict.  The episode ends with May and Coulson being held hostage on the alien ship while Talbot pursues the Gravitonium.  In the ending scene it seems Daisy has been offered to Taryan, which isn’t a good sign considering what happened to her the last time she meet a member of his family.


4 crushed Hales out of 5.  Talbot has always been a compelling character and a great foil for Coulson.  So even though I’m sad to see the rough and tough general with a heart of gold fade away, I’m really excited to see where his character is heading.  And with the mention of Thanos, it’ll be interesting to see how the show’s connected to Avengers: Infinity War which seems to be taking place at the same time.


  • I liked the explanation that Talbots new threads were given to him by The Confederacy.  It’s also a nice way to give Graviton a more comic book outfit.
  • It’s really sad to see such a rift between Yo-Yo and the rest of the team.  I really hope they work things out (in a more peaceful manner) because she’s been a great addition to the team and I don’t know what she’d do if she left.
  • “Earth’s mightiest hero”
  • Talbot saying that he should be fighting with the Avengers was great.  I can’t imagine how confused everyone would be if he showed up and started wrecking shop.
  • I’m kinda glad to see Hale go.  I never found her all that compelling.  Although, damn, that was pretty brutal!
  • A Daisy v. Talbot fight could be really cool so I hope we get to see a rematch.
  • Peter Mensah is an incredible actor and I hope they give him more to work with soon.
  • I wonder what the relationship will be between Taryan and future Kasius.  Although now that Daisy is his prisoner I’m sure we’ll see more of him.
  • This season continues to put a beautiful bow around the entire series.  Especially for all the fans clambering to find out what happened to the Gravitonium.
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