Since the finale of its fifth season, all of us fans have been eagerly waiting for what’s next on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not much has been revealed except that we know they’ve begun filming this week. Now, That Hashtag Show has broken the news concerning some new characters of next season, giving us some kind of insight on what’s coming.

Starting with Jaco, a quite tall (6’4” or more) male mercenary in his 30’s, who combines physical prowess and intelligence. Next, we have Pax, a mercenary who sounds a lot like Jaco, but younger and with a more humorous tone. Butterfly will be a young female, described as both ‘lethal’ and ‘aloof’. Then, a bit of an older addition to the roster, as Professor L will be a teacher in his 60’s who is as sweet on the inside as a mess on the outside. According to the article, all of these are going to be recurring characters on the show. For one episode only, we will have a character called Agent Damon, a ‘cool, handsome and funny’ S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier.

All of the characters seem to be interesting additions to the show in their own ways, even though nothing stands out particularly. The addition of a few mercenaries on the show could mean a departure from all the cosmic alien stuff, so it will be interesting to watch how they’ll fit into the season. Even though the news on season six have been kind of rare, we still have a long time to go until its premiere, so more and more news is sure to break in the coming months.

Source: That Hashtag Show