Finally, many Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans might have been wondering when exactly we would get to start the sixth season. The first reveal came surprisingly during Valentines’ Day when a May release was teased. This put the series’ return perfectly after the events of Avengers: Endgame to avoid any continuity issues. Still, we did not know when exactly the film would release. Perhaps they would push it out at the end of the month so that people have time to watch Endgame. Looks like the wait for SHIELD‘s return won’t be as long as they officially revealed the season premiere to be on May 10th.

Using Agent May’s name repeatedly throughout the video was a nice touch. There is a good chance that the upcoming season will focus on her getting over the death of Coulson. Naturally, the showrunners did not lose their sense of breaking their viewers hearts, as she might have to confront that lose once more with this fake Coulson. SHIELD is heading into a new direction once again with the team trying to get Fitz back from space. Once again, we still know very little about what exactly the season will feature but there are enough teases that promise great action and enough drama to haunt us for years to come. To tide us over until the release, we already got a look at Daisy’s new costume and the traditional team shot. There is still some time until the latest episode premieres so we will hopefully get a few more teasers to give us a better hint who this new Coulson may be. Perhaps there are some potential ties into Captain Marvel‘s Skrull invasion.

What are your hopes for the sixth season? Who do you think Coulson might end up being?

Source: Twitter