We have breaking news from this year’s Cinema-Con currently happening in Las Vegas confirming that Letita Wright is indeed playing the younger half-sister of T’Challa and potential Black Panther heir, Shuri.


While much is still unknown about the plot of Black Panther, we have gotten quite a few looks behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the shoot in Busan, South Korea. It started off with a few set photos, one prominently featuring a Dora Milaje standing strong on top of a car. Shortly after, we also got a look at Black Panther standing on top of a blue car, which once again highlights the king’s fascination with riding on top of cars. Now, we once again got another look at this car chase sequence, but this time with the before-mentioned Dora Milaje hitching a ride in the following video:

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The video highlights the involvement of Dongseo University in the production, and offers a look at what seems to be the Dora Milaje member chasing down the car with Panther on it. Her being a bodyguard of the king, it would make sense for her to start chasing him down making sure that he isn’t putting his life in more danger than he should. It’s a dope scene and highlights the badassery of this cabal of warriors. This could potentially hint at a storyline with T’Challa questioning his role as the king of Wakanda, or if he’d rather be a man of action rather than politics.

Speaking of T’Challa, here’s an image of him chilling on set.


Are you excited for Shuri’s involvement in the film? What do you think is happening in the car chase? Could Klaue be behind it?

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