One of the more exciting things happening in the MCU is the rising number of female villains in the properties. We got a taste of it with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s AIDA (or Ophelia to those enamored by her beauty and AI evil) and got a tease of it from Thor: Ragnarok‘s Hela and The Defenders‘ Alexandra. At the opening of James Cameron‘s Avatar-themed attraction in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, Nerdist spoke to the queen of all undead ninjas Sigourney Weaver, wherein which she dished about some interesting details about her character Alexandra in this August’s The Defenders.

I do think she’s a renaissance woman. I think yes, she has to do these things but she really… she loves life, she loves culture. It’s one of the most interesting women characters I’ve ever read

Her comments line up with costume designer Stephanie Maslansky’s quotes from a few weeks ago, “[There is] a lot of depth to her wardrobe. A lot of life or lives to her wardrobe, I wanna say,” further confirming the place of power Alexandra is in when we meet her. Maslansky was also the one to confirm Alexandra as the leader of the Hand so Sigourney’s comments help paint the picture of how worldly her character is.

Sigourney also further elaborate on her experience playing a villain, citing her previous villainous role in the Shia LeBeouf masterpiece Holes:

I know I play sometimes, like the warden in Holes is a villain, but I don’t do it very often and I never really think of them like that. To them, it always comes out of something. They can’t see things the way the normal person sees them, they’re still trying to complete something for themselves.

While her comments resemble the age-old actor fluff about any villainous role (“He/She doesn’t think he/she’s a villain!”), I’m incredibly interested in seeing how it’ll apply to her role as the leader of a demonic clan of ninjas, considering that the job description doesn’t offer much leeway for moral high ground. Her descriptions of villains as people trying to complete something for themselves hint that Alexandra may be seeking some form of self-enlightenment amidst this whole Midland Circle fiasco. Maybe that enlightenment comes in the form of, dare I say, the Beast?

Source: Nerdist