That Hashtag Show’s scoops on the upcoming Sony film Silver and Black continues, as we finally get some more information on how Sony plans on portraying Silver Sablinova and Felicia Hardy in their upcoming film. While it is still unsure how much it will tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if we will actually get any connections towards Marvel Studios’ new franchise that was started with Spider-Man: Homecoming, but Sony does seem keen on exploring these two female anti-heroes on their own.

The film’s main plot will start through the actions of Felicia Hardy, as the famous cat burglar, Black Cat, ends up stealing the wrong things and gets some bad people chasing her down, one of them being U.S. Department of Justice’s own bounty hunter team, which is lead by Silver. One of those objects will be some kind of “enhancement” from Mendel Stromm, who That Hashtag Show revealed back in July, that may even give the character some kind of ability, which could be taken from the comics.

While Hardy starts the film’s plot she may be more of a side-kick character, as Silver’s main storyline will drive the rest of the film. Her father, who some may remember was a major character in the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man, and her Symkarian heritage will play a major role throughout the film. Stromm’s hunt for Hardy will also give Silver the opportunity to get revenge, which will make these two very unlikely allies.

While not many are too excited about the project, especially as it is still unclear if it will connect to the MCU in some way, it does sound like an interesting film. A vengeance plot is nothing new, but throwing in Hardy could turn these two main characters into a joyful duo to watch on screen. Sony seems to be looking for actresses in their early to mid-twenties, so it would not be too surprised if they want to turn these characters into recurring faces throughout their Sony-side of the MCU.

What do you think? Looking forward to these characters? If Spider-Man could make a cameo, how do you think it will happen?

Source: That Hashtag Show