A couple of days ago, we ran a story about potential story details regarding Sony’s Silver & Black film. Needless to say, we found them surprisingly interesting for a film that no fan ever asked for and a film without a release date on its horizon. Now, it seems that the film can finally cross a release date off their list, as the good folks at Variety revealed that Sony’s first female-led superhero film will premiere on February 8, 2019, a month before Captain Marvel.

With the massively successful Wonder Woman dominating (deservedly so) the conversation of female-led superhero properties, all eyes are on Marvel.. When it was announced that Captain Marvel would be pushed further to accommodate the return of Spider-Man, fans were undeniably frustrated. We had to wait a little bit more for Carol’s debut. And now with Silver & Black premiering a month before Carol, it’s a little annoying to see a practically-clueless studio like Sony beat Marvel to the punch in their female-led superhero flick. The good thing is that Marvel knows what they’re doing.

In all seriousness, regardless of how annoyed we are at the situation, we can only hope that Sony ends up making a great film with Silver & Black. Like any pragmatic thinking comic book fan, we want to see more unheard of properties hit it big in the box office. We want to see more successful female-led tent pole films. If this Silver & Black ends up being amazing and making big bank, then our chances of seeing a Black Widow become better.

Source: Variety

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