Spoiler alert: this article contains spoilers in regards to the first season of Luke Cage. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, continuing to read may spoil your experience, ya dig?

With the first season of Luke Cage having been available to stream on Netflix for the greater part of a week, many fans are abuzz about one of the series’ regulars: Simon Missick, who plays detective Misty Knight in the show.

As the norm with other Marvel properties, and superhero shows/movies in general, Luke Cage had enough easter eggs hidden among its scenes to keep us talking for weeks.

In an interview with IGN, Missick sat down to talk about some of the easter eggs surrounding her character and what her future looked like within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Arguably the biggest easter egg related to Misty Knight came about when she was shot in the arm during a hostage situation at the Harlem’s Paradise nightclub. If you’re not familiar with Misty Knight’s character in the Marvel Comicverse, she was outfitted with a bionic arm (courtesy of Tony Stark) after a similar incident.

“I think it’s probably going to set up more to come. I think it was a great kind of teaser for the fans you know because everyone wants Misty to have that (bionic) arm,” Missick said when asked if she good speak about the possibilities of seeing a bionic arm. “I’ve never seen anyone want me to lose an appendage more [laughs] they’re like ‘Chop it off!’ So I think that they wanted to play with that and give people the ‘Will it happen or will it not?”‘

Another Misty-centered easter egg came in the final moments of the season as Claire ripped off the number from a flyer advertising Colleen Wing’s self-defense classes. Fans that follow Misty’s adventures in the comics will recognize Colleen Wing as a common friend of Knight’s. Together, Knight and Wing, who will be portrayed by Jessica Henwick in the MCU, make up the Daughters of the Dragon crime-fighting duo. Per usual, Missick was pretty secretive when it came to sharing about the first time we’ll see the pair on screen.

I haven’t had a chance to meet Jessica yet, but I loved her on Game of Thrones. It’s my, now, second favorite show but I loved her turn on that show. Again, playing a strong kick-ass woman so when I saw she was cast I was like “Oh, this is great!” I know the fans are very vocal about the Daughters of the Dragon to have their own show…who knows what Marvel and Netflix are going to do. They don’t tell us anything because they know we’ll spoil it. [laughs]

Lastly, Missick did jump into her future within the MCU. While another season of Luke Cage hasn’t been confirmed yet, she has confirmed that she will return in 2017’s The Defenders.

For my contract specifically, it was mainly Luke Cage with the potential crossovers into other series but they don’t tell you what those will be. So even with the first season of Luke Cage, they were like “You might be in six episodes.” and I was like “Okay! Yes, I get to do six!” and I ended up being in all thirteen. So for that to be a first season, sign me up for whatever they’re doing. I’m totally on board.

Source: IGN.