As Luke Cage begins production, the cast is starting to finally come together. Earlier today, it was reported that Theo Rossi had joined the cast in what looks to be a recurring villain role. His casting along with lead man Mike Colter, the reported Alfre Woodard, and the connecting dot of the Netflix side of the MCU Rosario Dawson has shaped the cast so far.

Now thanks to multiple reports, it looks like that has cast gotten a bit bigger. has reported that they have been told that Misty Knight would appear in the first season of Luke Cage. They were not able to report on an actress but quickly got some help on that end as Deadline reported that Simone Missick would be the actress to portray her.

While in the comics, Misty Knight is a retired cop with a bionic arm, seems to believe that we will meet her earlier in her journey.

When we meet her, she’ll be a New York City police detective, who reluctantly partners up with Luke Cage

If Marvel decides to follow her comic arc closely, then I would guess she could lose her arm at the end of the first season as she tries to help Cage fend off whatever villain that he is up against. This would give a tease of what’s to come should Luke Cage get a second season or if Marvel and Netflix wanted to include her in The Defenders mini-series.

Luke Cage recently started production with a rumored release date of summer/fall 2016 exclusively on Netflix.

Source:, Deadline