Now that we have been introduced to the worlds of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it’s time to move on to the next series in the Netflix world, Luke Cage. While we met Luke Cage (Mike Colter) himself in Jessica Jones, Marvel has assured us that each series will have it’s own tone and feel, so we can expect an entirely different feel for his series. Along with Cage, a character that many fans have been eager to see brought to life, the show will also bring another fan-favorite to the lime-light as they’ll introduce Misty Knight, portrayed by actress Simone Missick. As it stands, outside of the premiere date, the short teaser released for the series, and the confirmation of two directors, there’s still plenty we don’t know. Thankfully, with production having recently wrapped, it’s beginning to look as though that’ll begin to change over the coming months.

In a recent podcast with the folks over at FanBros, Missick gave some insight into what we can expect of her in the role of Misty Knight. While she wasn’t able to give any explicit details regarding Misty, particularly concerning her arm, she did talk about the casting process.

It was quick, it was very fast, and it was life changing in, like faster than two weeks… I auditioned like everybody else, I auditioned and got the call on like a Thursday and had to be packed up and out of the house, they literally wanted me there on Monday.

She did manage to get an extension before moving across the country to take the role. But what did she know about Misty Knight going in? According to Missick, the answer is not very much.

No. Absolutely not… and I think that was a good thing, because so often as actors and people, you know you have an idea of what something is, and it can almost stifle what you allow for yourself to do. So going into it…it’s funny my husband and I were talking about it yesterday, ’cause every now and again it hits us we’re like “Motherfucker your a super hero!” … This is crazy, there are only like three black female [heroes] in the Marvel Universe, it’s so small. It’s not three, but it’s small.

She did get to see the fantastic Jessica Jones while they were filming, giving her a way to see how the two worlds tie together. Will we see Misty in other MCU Properties?

To be quite honest, I could lie to you and say “Yeah, they say that.” They technically got all of us… for as long as they need us.

Missick is said to be featured in all thirteen episodes of Luke Cage, although she couldn’t confirm that information just yet. Regarding the secrecy on the show, her scripts didn’t even say the show was “Luke Cage.” The guest stars never got the whole scripts, but Missick’s character is involved in enough of the show that she did. She also admitted that she would help the guest actors by filling them in on some of the details, if she knew they didn’t have enough information.

While discussing the scripts, Missick was quick to praise the writing staff on the show. As we’ve come to know, courtesy of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the Netflix shows have been very strong, and most of that is because they’re built on strong writing and ideas. It looks as though this will continue with Luke Cage this September.

It’s some great writing, you’ve got some writers from Southland, theater writers, just some awesome writers, our writers room is really, really strong… Strong people who have been in the industry for a really long time crafted these just bomb-ass scripts… With storylines and language that is so indicative of black culture, of hip-hop culture.

They were given freedom to play around with their characters while on set, providing feedback on their character’s dialogue. Missick said that she was most commonly the one to ask to change her lines. She also discussed the stunt work in the series, and went on to explain that she stunt double for the series is actually her personal trainer in real life.

As far as being ready for the fame that comes with being an actress in a Marvel property, she can’t imagine what that will entail. She wants to take a “Group USSY with all the Mistys” at Comic-Con.

One thing we can safely say with the finales for both Daredevil and Jessica Jones is that they’re always large, full of surprises, and typically great at delivering just what the fans want to see. And Missick promises we can expect just as much with Luke Cage. (Let the speculation begin!) According to the actress, Cheo Hodari Coker, the showrunner, was reported to have been screaming at the top of his lungs as he watched them film the final episode. Missick says that she hopes the community reacts to Luke Cage as positively as they did for The Wiz, a recent hit with the black community.

Episode 13, I will just say, is going to be a real treat for the fans. That’s all I can say.

We have plenty of time to wait until we met her version of Misty Knight, which will be a part of Luke Cage when it premieres on Netflix on September 30.

Source: FanBros.