When it comes to the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’ve (so far) done a fantastic job at showcasing complex female characters. They’re not just there to look pretty or kick ass. They have their own story-lines, they’re capable of taking care of themselves, and yeah, they’re all pretty flawed in their own ways, but they’re fully realized characters able to stand on their own. With the debut of Luke Cage in September, we’ll be able to add another female character to that list as actress Simone Missick will bring fan-favorite character Misty Knight to life.

Missick, along with the rest of the Luke Cage cast, was on hand at SDCC this past weekend to promote the series. Following their explosive panel, complete with multiple clips and a rather fantastic teaser trailer, the cast made their way through the press line, where the actress took some time out to talk to the folks at Comic Book Resources about her role in the series. You can read the entire interview – and you should – by heading to the source below. For now, here are a few bits from their time with Missick.

Regarding the chance to play a character like Misty Knight, a woman that doesn’t fall into the usual “love interest” role we see with most female characters, Missick was beyond excited. While talking to CBR, Missick explained that when we meet Knight in Luke Cage, she has her own arc. She has a job, a family, and a “strong moral compass.”

“I think a lot of times as a woman, you are either a wife or a girlfriend or a best friend,” said Missick when asked what she was most proud of during her time as the Marvel hero. “And in this opportunity, you got to see [Det. Scarfe] and Misty as professionals with a job, and Misty as a person who has a very strong moral compass who is absolutely dedicated to protecting her community, and that you don’t see a lot on TV. So that was, I think, the proudest moment, to be a person who believes in the system, even though — and you look in our current times, it’s difficult to believe in the system. The proudest moment was to play someone completely different from anybody we’ve ever seen before.”

As to her character’s relationship with Detective Scarfe, played by Frank Whaley, the actress revealed that Knight and Scarfe have a very important working relationship together. Of course, if you were following set photos while the series was filming, you probably caught wind of that after a very spoiler-ish scene was caught on camera between the two. Still, the way she describes the two of them reminds me a bit of Foggy and Matt from Daredevil and I can’t wait to see their on screen chemistry together. (If you’re not already, make sure to follow both Missick and Whaley on social media. You can see how well they work off of one another already in real life.)

“Scarfe is Misty’s mentor,” added Missick. “He showed her the ropes. She had this raw talent that he, unlike other people on the force, nurtured as opposed to looked at it like, ‘Who’s this weirdo staring off into space every now and again figuring stuff out that way.’ They have this really great rapport, this love, this real chemistry that he and I were able to find from day one working together.”

Although bringing a fan-favorite character to life could prove terrifying for most, for Missick, she didn’t feel a lot of pressure. Mostly because this is the first time Misty Knight is being brought to life, unlike a few other superheroes (i.e. Spider-Man, Storm, Daredevil, etc.). She didn’t have to worry about filling anyone else’s shoes, but rather just bringing the character to life in her own way.

Missick also didn’t feel pressure playing Misty Knight, a character totally new to live-action. In fact, she found being the first to adapt the character into a new medium freeing. “It was great to play a character who we’d never seen before. We’ve never heard anyone speak her words, so there was no pressure in that sense of going, ‘Oh, but Halle Berry did it. And how can I fit into those shoes?’ It was like, these are your own shoes,” said Missick. “So it feels the same way with the show. There’s a responsibility to tell the story accurately and be fair and honest to the people that you’re representing, but there was no sense of, ‘I got the whole world on my shoulders.’ No, we’re just here to tell a story.”

Given their massive slate already, the chances of a Daughters of the Dragon being announced by Netflix are slim to none, I’d assume, however, with both Knight and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) both a part of the Netflix corner of the MCU, I can’t help but to hold out some sort of hope. For now, we can all catch Missick when Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30th!

Source: Comic Book Resources.