Earlier this week, we got a ton of new info straight from the set of Captain Marvel where the producers explicitly revealed that the film was going to sow seeds for a Secret Invasion story down the line. And in this piece, we talk about which characters we’d love to see revealed as a Skrull.

Everett K. Ross

I believe that the most natural fit for a Skrull infiltrator would be Everett K. Ross, played by Martin Freeman, who appeared in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther as a supporting character.

The reason that I suspect him of being a green alien is the benefit it would have for The Skrulls. He was in charge of the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre, which is responsible for ensuring that the Sokovia Accords are followed by The Avengers and other enhanced individuals. The Skrulls would have an immense benefit to plant someone in this position, as they would be privy to (nearly) all activity of enhanced individuals on Earth. Now, he is currently a high ranking member of the C.I.A. as he has been for years.

Additionally, he was able to befriend T’Challa and the Wakandan royal family after his actions in Black Panther. Another connection that the Skrulls would greatly gain from having when they execute their eventual invasion. While he wouldn’t be knowledgeable of all their secrets or plans, he would have their trust. Afterall, he literally took a bullet for Nakia.

You may think that after being brought to Wakanda to heal his spinal injury, Shuri would have found out that he was an alien. But, in the Secret Invasion storyline in the comics, Super Skrulls, unlike normal Skrulls, are able to perfectly mimic whoever they copy – abilities and all. The only way to reveal a Super Skrull was either to trick them in revealing themselves or killing them.

But, when was he replaced? I think that this Skrull is playing a long con and replaced Everett when he was a pilot for the United States Air Force. A position that allowed him to rise in the ranks of the United States Government and potentially attempt to research one of their greatest enemies, Captain Marvel. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

War Machine

When it comes to adapting Secret Invasion into the MCU, it gets really tricky from a writing perspective. If only side characters are revealed to be Skrulls, then the shock isn’t there. Yet, if our biggest heroes are revealed to have been Skrulls all along, it cheapens the journey that we have been on with them throughout all of these movies. So, while there are many somewhat “side” characters I could see being good picks (General Ross, Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, etc.), my pick for an Avenger being revealed as a Skrull goes to War Machine.

I believe that he is the perfect balance of plot-twisting a high-level hero, and yet not having our emotions of the character ruined by revealing them to be a shapeshifting alien all along. Not only was he an Avenger, but her worked in the Air Force and worked closely with General Ross and other military figures. Revealing him to be a Skrull makes sense, and would also be a great emotional punch to our core characters.

I think fans could accept it much easier than, say, Ironman or Cap. And, with Carol Danvers being in the Air Force herself, it’s completely within the realm of possibility to see a young James Rhodes show up in Captain Marvel and laying the seeds for this twist. Imagine a post credits scene of Captain Marvel where we see a young James Rhodes climbing up the ladder to the cockpit of his jet, looking out into the sunset, and then part of his face flickers green for a split-second. – Kevin Carter, Editor

The most shocking thing would be if some of the biggest characters in the universe turned out to be Skrulls in disguise, but most of the ones who’ll have been replaced are probably secondary characters like Falcon, Happy Hogan or Okoye. One of those that would be mind-blowing as much as it would be worrying for the sake of everyone involved is Rhodey. Of course, he may not be the most powerful character of the universe, but he owns a state of the art armor made by Tony Stark, not to mention his close friendship to the man himself. His capability to manipulate Stark in some way could prove seriously hurtful for the Avengers. – Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer


When we’re talking Skrulls, there’s no more obvious candidate to me than Peter Quill. With some passing of time between Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War, Star-Lord could have been swapped out for a shape-shifting alien at any point. There are a number of signs that point to this throughout the film.

Quill’s new facial hair screams of a Skrull that has poorly mimicked its human counterpart. His jealousy and ego-driven battle of the masculinity with Thor, also demonstrated the adaptability of the green-skinned creatures, adopting the Thunder God’s voice and stature in an attempt to copy him. Not to mention Peter’s complete lack of understanding of Earth claiming to be from Missouri instead, a fact that perhaps the real Star-Lord might have known due to living on Earth at a young age, despite the planet being known as Terra in space. Of course, the most obvious example is his Thanos outburst; a moment of stupidity that some have said is out of character for the Guardian.

If one member of these Galaxy defending team turns out to be a Skrull, I’d bet money on Peter Quill; let’s face it, the Star-Lord we see in Infinity War just doesn’t seem to be the same one we started with, even if he doesn’t know it! And to be honest, I’m not even sure most of the team would notice. Quill could keep changing more and more and I doubt even the ever observant Drax would be able to point it out. – George Chrysostomou, Feature Writer

Thunderbolt Ross

My pick is General Thunderbolt Ross. Not only would this shed some light on his motivations in Captain America: Civil War, it would explain why he suddenly goes from relentlessly chasing Banner for five years prior to Incredible Hulk to disappearing entirely while Hulk openly spends time with the Avengers.

Strategically speaking, it would make a lot of sense for the Skrulls to target world leaders instead of superheroes. While the Avengers are certainly powerful from a physical standpoint, we haven’t seen them wield the political power that an alien empire would crave. And what better way for the Skrulls to take over the planet than to gain control over Earth’s mightiest heroes? – KJ Callahan, Feature Writer


One possibility for a fantastic Skrull reveal would be Agent Coulson. It would break a lot of fans’ hearts, but that’s kind of the point. He has recently been (seemingly) removed from future Marvel TV shows, likely to return to the big screen. This twist would shake up both the MCU film and television fanbases alike. Another similar choice could be Agent Maria Hill, who, while a generally liked character, doesn’t have the same fanbase as Coulson and likely wouldn’t cause the same uproar. – Curtis Johnson, Feature Writer

Galaga Guy/Launch Technician

I believe that there is one Skrull that has infiltrated the Avengers and SHIELD in such a clever way that no one would suspect him. He was undercover throughout Avengers only to be discovered by Stark for a brief second. Yes, I believe that Galaga Guy is actually a Skrull but not just any Skrull.

After realizing his identity was uncovered, he tried to go into hiding and take over a new outfit. Sadly, he did not expect SHIELD to be attacked by HYDRA and was almost shot down by Crossbones. Now, known as the famed heroic launch technician in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he thought his time was up but luckily he was saved by Agent 13. Last time we saw him, he was a part of Nick Fury’s closest allies and his cover is almost perfect. Only time will tell what he has planned. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

Happy Hogan

Not every Skrull has to have a masterplan to help conquer Earth. Some Skrulls probably just wanna chill. Meet my pick for a Skrull imposter, Happy Hogan. Skrull-Happy (Skrappy?) flew to Earth to escape the worsening Kree-Skrull war. Taking the identity of one Harold Hogan, from an obituary in the 30s, Skrappy would go on to meet Tony Stark, a man he would share a kindred bond with. His servitude of Tony Stark would be one of genuine friendship, love and not of malice. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief

Which character would you like to see revealed to be a Skrull? Let us know in the comments!