Last fall, Marvel’s Damage Control was ordered up as a half-hour comedy set to air on ABC. Since that time, we have heard absolutely nothing about it. No cast was ever announced. No premiere date was ever set. Nobody knew anything, and so it appeared that the show, which may or may not have been similar to NBC’s Powerless (set in the DCEU) and the concept behind it were dead. Thanks to an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit, we now think we know why the show hasn’t happened yet: Marvel Studios may have found a way to put them to use.

In September, Just Jared published the following set photo of Tyne Daly and an unknown (at least to me) actor from a shoot in Atlanta, used as a stand in for New York. download

It doesn’t take much looking to see the cones and “CAUTION” tape around the set, indicating that some sort of damage may have befallen the area in a scene which also features Peter and his secret-knowing friend Ned Leeds.


It does, perhaps, take a harder look to notice Tyne Daly’s look and outfit sure look a whole lot like the look sported by Damage Control director Ann Marie Hoag:


And it takes an even deeper look to notice that the guy standing next to Daly has a badge (Happy Hogan would be so content) with the letters “DODC” on it. As in Department of Damage Control? In the comics, Damage Control, Inc. was a privately owned company but in the MCU’s case, I believe it’s possible that Marvel Studios may have done a little tweaking and instead of seeing Damage Control, Inc., we may be seeing a government run operation called the Department of Damage Control. What we are seeing here could be the aftermath of one of Peter’s battles during the film. Hell, maybe it’s the fallout from those scenes in Washington or this one:


Reddit user /u/HTTV’s theory hits the spot; discussions for a Damage Control show go on for months on end and disappear out of nowhere and then, Spider-Man: Homecoming set pics featuring two cast members peculiarly dressed in Damage Control-esque apparel surface on the internet and promptly go unnoticed for the months.

We don’t know a lot about the less than rosy relationship between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV, but one thing I think we can say is that Marvel TV only gets to use the IPs that Marvel Studios doesn’t want. It would now make sense why Damage Control fizzled out of nowhere. If I had to guess, I’d say right about the time Spider-Man: Homecoming started getting put together, Kevin Feige picked up the phone and told Jeph Loeb and crew that Damage Control wasn’t in their sandbox anymore and now we may well be seeing it further integrated into the MCU with our first look coming in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Until now Damage Control has been little more than an MCU Easter Egg, having been in the news scroll in Iron Man and talked about in one line on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It looks like we may finally see the face of DODC on screen.

What do you guys think? Does this theory convince you that Damage Control is going to the film side of the MCU instead of TV? Sounds of in the comments below!

Source: Reddit