Spider-Man: Far From home has just hit theatres but it already has been making waves. It’s early estimates already pointed to a $575 million opening week. The film was released early in China and had a 6-day opening week, which gave the film quite a lot of legs to start off with. Over the weekend, Far From Home has now officially earned $185 million in its opening week. To be exact, it started off with $91 million before entering the weekend with a strong showing on the Fourth of July. It then managed to add another $93.6 million over the weekend. It is the second widest opening ever as it opened over 4,636 theatres across the States.

The interesting thing is that while Spider-Man: Homecoming managed to have a bigger opening over the weekend, it is currently being outpaced by over $30 million. As of now, the film has surpassed the earliest estimates of $125 million and even outpaced the highest expectation of $180 million. After a rather dismal summer season, the film opened to $580 million globally within 10 days. It is $5 million lower than what was previously reported but it is still beating expectations. As of now, the film holds the record for Tuesday opening, best Wednesday gross for a Marvel film and second-largest Fourth of July holiday release. These numbers are also very impressive considering that the film only cost $160 million in comparison to some of Marvel Studios’ larger films. The film most likely saw an additional bump from Avengers: Endgame and the general Spider-Man renaissance that has been happening with Tom Hollands major role in Avengers: Infinity War, the Spider-Man PS4 game and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There is a good chance that it will make beyond $1 billion and if it passes Captain Marvel‘s total Box Office, Marvel Studios will have made $5 billion in just one year.

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Source: BoxOfficeMojo.com, CNN Business, Variety