With the marketing for Spider-Man: Far From Home kicking in, a new clip has aired on The Ellen Show, showing Peter Parker’s full introduction to Quentin Beck. We saw of glimpse of this in the recent trailer in which Beck claims to be from another universe. The meeting with Quentin is extended with him elaborating on the multiverse. He claims that Peter’s world, what we know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is designated “Earth-616”.

This is what the primary universe in which most Marvel Comics titles take place is called. In fact, this is not the first reference to Earth-616 in the MCU. In Thor: The Dark World, Erik Selvig makes references to it on a chalkboard when explaining The Convergence. This is when all of the Nine Realms would be in alignment. This alignment would cause the boundaries between each realm to become thin, resulting anomalies occurrences including invisible wormholes that allowed matter to move between realms.

Obviously, at this point, it was likely meant to be a simple reference to the comics. But, it looks like Kevin Feige is rolling with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being Earth-616.

What’s more interesting about this clip is that Beck seems completely accustomed to inter-dimensional travel. He’s so used to jumping between dimensions that there is a classification level for them. He claims that he originates from “Earth-833”, which in the comics is home to Spider-UK. He says that his world and Earth-616 “share identical physical constants, Level 4 symmetry”. At this point, if you know even a little about Spider-Man, you’ll know that Mysterio is a fraud.

But, how much of a fraud will he be in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Is he lying about everything or just some of it? What do you guys think?

Source: Twitter