Whatever the MCU will look like after the blockbuster behemoth that will be Avengers: Endgame, we know not all things will be over, as Spider-Man: Far From Home is just around the corner as well. In a recent interview, director Jon Watts shed some light on what to expect from the new character, long-time comic book villain Mysterio, and his relationship to Peter Parker.

The piece gives us some insight into the overall plot of the film. As the trailer suggested, Peter and his friends will be on a school trip to Europe when Nick Fury himself recruits the boy from Queens for a special mission: Stopping mysterious beings known as Elementals, who can manipulate nature. To protect Peter’s identity, Fury lends him a new, all-black stealth suit. An interesting passage follows:

**Fury also connects Peter with a new ally: Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, a powerful magician played by Jake Gyllenhaal. “If Tony Stark was sort of the mentor in the previous films, we thought it would be interesting to play Mysterio as almost like the cool uncle,” Watts says.**

As the age difference between the characters suggests, Mysterio will indeed have some kind of mentorship role towards Peter, but the quote teases it will be in a way that puts their friendship first, and the learning after. We don’t even have to exit the realm of Spider-Man to remember a very problematic relationship between a Spidey and his uncle. Miles Morales knows too well that cool uncles not always turn out to be superheroes.

We also got a new still from the movie, featuring Spidey himself apparently meeting Mysterio for the first time. You can check it out below:

It will be interesting to find out why would Nick Fury recruit a teenager on a school trip to fight nature-controlling beings, and even more curious, why would he pair him up with some kind of magician to do so. We’ll probably have to wait till July to find that one out.

Source: Entertainment Weekly