It was officially revealed that the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming would be given the subtitle Far From Home. At first, it was a bit odd that the connecting tissue between the MCU Spider-Man franchise would be the word “Home” but it certainly helps differentiate the films form the two that came before. Tom Holland leaked the official logo a while ago but people were on the fence if it was just a joke. We had to wait until Marvel Studios’ CEO Kevin Feige confirmed the title for it to be considered official. It also gave us a massive hint at the film’s main storyline, as Peter Parker ventures out of his comfort zone of New York City. This is also a nice tie-in to the first time we have seen Spider-Man in action as part of the MCU, as the airport battle in Germany was the first time we saw him in his iconic costume. It seems that Marvel Studios is preparing their post-Avengers 4 lineup and officially released the Spider-Man‘s logo on Facebook and Twitter.

The Spider-Man inspired “O” returns while the main logo may be the same as before but they inverted the colors. Otherwise the logo. has not changed much, as even the font from Homecoming is exactly the same. It will be interesting rto see if thy will reveal a bit more or if this logo reveal might be building up to something. Marvel Studios skipped SDCC and we still do not know the official line-up for Phase 4. This could mostly be a marketing decision made by Sony but it would be interesting if they slowly reveal the logos for some of the films we can expect beyond Avengers 4.

What do you think of the logo?

Source: Facebook, Twitter

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