It is hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from Marvel Studios’ next big film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. It has been a great year for the studio, as their first 2019 film Captain Marvel passed the $1 billion mark and Avengers: Endgame became the second-highest grossing film of all time. Sadly, it seems to be a really tight race for the blockbuster to surpass Avatar‘s top spot but the year is far from over. What has been getting a lot of attention is the upcoming release of Spider-Man, which will end out the third phase. At this point, we still know very little about what we can expect beyond Far From Home. Expectations are also high for Marvel Studios to end the year on a high note with one more film potentially passing the $1 billion mark.

Looks like there is a good possibility, as Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s early predictions are already pointing at a $150+ million opening over a six-day run. The studio is currently setting its early predictions at $154 million so there is a good chance these numbers will rise. Some are already pointing to a potential $180 million in its opening weekend, which would surpass Homecoming‘s $117 million openings. The first MCU Spider-Man film managed to make up to $880 million, so with strong word-of-mouth, it could be possible. There are some predictions pointing to the lack of Iron Man potentially hurting the production but he is certainly felt in the trailers. We might see a potential Endgame bonus effect as well. It is also fun to note that this is the second time a Spider-Man film is released over the July 4th holiday, as Spider-Man 2 and Amazing Spider-Man were also released over this holiday weekend .

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Source: Hollywood Reporter, Forbes